Hybrid Transaction
Mail (ThZ)

The hybrid transaction mail (ThZ) is used to send written notification on any kind of physical media that needs to be delivered to the address indicated on it or on the envelope. The content and the graphic layout can be arbitrary. The content of ThZ can be correspondence, bill, invoice, financial statement or even a small object.

ThZ shipments are made in the form of hybrid mail – we will provide you with these shipments created from electronic data. This kind of service also includes production of the shipments (printing, personalization, assembly, enveloping). After all of this, the shipments will be sorted and bundled and subsequently delivered.

ThZ can be sent in an open or closed container or unpacked. In the case that it is being sent unpacked, the shipments need to be in accordance with the terms of the Chapter 7 of Postal conditions. ThZ can be also be shipped in a foil (marked with address label), in a form of folded letter. The shorter sides of the letter are or closed or with irregular shapes.

The cover and the inner packaging ThZ has to be proportionate to the nature and the weight of their contents, as well as the method of choosing, distribution and delivery date.

Based on individual contractual agreements, we can offer you speacial value added service to certain ThZ.

Weight categories shipments ThZ:
  • Up to 50 g
  • Up to 100 g
  • Over 100 g

The minimum shipment amount is 3000 pcs.


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