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We will provide you with addressed and non-addressed mail delivery service of different advertising and promotional materials as well as other printed matter. Currently, we are the largest alternative postal operator in Slovakia and in the postal services market, we hold the position of a leader not only in the technology and innovation. We are the only comprehensive provider of printing, delivering , and direct marketing services and we provide our clients the possibility of delivering almost all kinds of deliveries and promotional material in their own distribution network.

  • We provide our customers with high quality postal service with added value: In terms of addressed and non-addressed distribution we cover more than 94% of household of 96% of Slovak region. This represents 1,811,000 household mailboxes out of total of 1,938,000 registered households.
  • We have nine branches (distribution centers) in the largest cities (Bratislava, Trnava, Trenčín, Nitra, Žilina, Zvolen, Poprad, Prešov, Košice), which are responsible for the quality of distribution in their regions.
  • We employ more than 3,660 messengers
  • The number of full-time employees is 192 – all of the employees have several years of experience in organizing and managing printing and delivery services. Each and every one of them is customer oriented and shows individual approach.
  • Track&trace (tracking mail delivery) with the output of delivery even in cases of regular letter deliveries
  • Online complaints resolution – the whole system of distribution network is processed by software and therefore there is a graphical as well as database allignment of each sector to a messengers in the specific time as well as to the specific consignments. In practice this means that it is possible to check whether the consignment was printed, filed, transported to the messenger and who the messenger was. And that all can be done through idenfication number.
  • Complaints are handled immediately (mostly within 48 hours, including feedback). We also provide outputs from a system
  • Greater flexibility – we do not have exact set conditions for the appearance and the dimensions of the delivery; we are able to deliver consignments with irregular shapes and arbitrary graphic design or location of the address on the consignment
  • The report of results – we develop the report after each distribution where we evaluate the quality of service. We send electronically.
  • Production shipments are 7 days a week and the deliveries take place even during weekends
  • Competitive price for delivered shipments in our distribution network in comparison with the same type of shipment in the universal postal operator
  • In distribution of addressed and non-addressed shipments we cover 94% of households in 96% of the Slovak region, which represents 1,811,000 household mailboxes out of 1,938,000 registered households

We will arrange for you

Transactional direct (addressed) service

  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Reminders
  • Bank statements
  • Confirmations

Direct marketing (addressed) service

  • Direct mail
  • Loyalty programs
  • Drop mail

Unaddressed delivery

  • Flyers and other promotional and marketing materials
  • Samples (sampling)
  • Sticking (labeling)
  • Half-addressed distribution
  • Drop mail



tel.: +421 269 203 211
fax: +421 269 203 212

Cromwell a.s.
Lamačská 22 ,841 03 Bratislava 42
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tel.: +421-269 203 211
fax: +421-269 203 212


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