Unaddressed Mail

We are able to cover up to 94% of the territory of the Slovak Republic with our unaddressed mail distribution services. In order to ensure the highest quality possible, we use our own distribution network administered by our 9 branch offices with each office holding responsibility for the distribution of mail items within its assigned region. Our company employs more than 3,660 reliable postmen. Each postman is controlled and monitored by an independent control committee, whose members verify quality of delivery services after each distribution directly in the field.

Distribution services is also provided on most national holidays.

We deploy a unique software solution to implement the entire process of unaddressed mail distribution:


With our unaddressed mail distribution service we are able to deliver the following items:
  • Leaflets, catalogues and other promotional and marketing materials - these advertising materials are ideal if you wish to draw attention of potential customers to your products, special offers or discounts. With this method of communication we are able to target wider range of customers, for example the residents of the entire town or only the immediate surroundings of your retail shop. This service is characterized by an instantaneous response of the target group at relatively low cost.
  • Sticking (labeling) - We can deliver or stick your advertising materials on mailboxes in family houses or apartment buildings.
  • Sampling - Unaddressed distribution of product samples. This is one of the most effective forms of unaddressed distribution. This kind of distribution of advertising message is recommended especially with the roll-out of a new product.
  • Semi-addressed distribution – This type of service is a hybrid between the addressed and unaddressed distribution services. Under the semi-addressed distribution service we deliver mail items only to particular addressees (selected house numbers), who you wish to target. This kind of communication is ideal for reaching out to customers living in certain selected localities with a specific offer.
  • Drop mail - Drop mail is a direct mail product of enveloped A4 sheet, which may be used with both unaddressed and addressed mail distribution. During the season of clearance sales or various campaigns campaigns the mailboxes will contain a large number of non-personalised advertising materials, which will hardly catch attention of potential customers. We offer you an opportunity to differentiate your in a very unobtrusive and cost-effective way, with a message wrapped in an envelope without an envelope, or with so-called drop mail.

    Drop mail is usually a single sheet of paper with text printed on both its sides folded into an envelope with glue on both sides, sometimes also with a small flap on the wider top edge. This is an ideal form of mail as it does not require the use of an envelope, which requires having printed document inserted and sealed inside the envelope. It may also be referred to as “the envelope without an envelope”.

    Why drop mail?

    • Drop mail evokes an actual letter post = higher added value induced by higher readership rate in the target group;
    • Differentiation from others – personalised salutation on the envelope, although we still refer to the unaddressed product (e.g. “Dear resident of Petržalka,” “Dear resident of Košice,” etc.);
    • According to research only approximately 2 seconds decide the success of direct mail. Or to be more precise, several such 2-secon sequences of attention. At first the attention is paid to the envelope and then to the letter and mainly its first sentence.

Additional Services

The following additional services are further provided with unaddressed mail distribution:


In order to be able to target your campaign more precisely and plan more effective distribution to those areas, which are the most suitable for your products, we deploy software equipment, namely digital maps combined with the years of experience and our knowledge of geo-social structures of towns and regions.


Leaflet Printing

To provide you with complex promotional services, in addition to unaddressed distribution we can also arrange printing of leaflets or other promotional items in any weight category and volume. You will no longer have to deal with problems with print and communicate with two suppliers just to receive one service.

Distribution Quality Control

Standard Internal Control with the Involvement of Cromwell Controller Network

This distribution control lies in the deployment of an internal control system – so-called control committee.

The control committee is a group of our employees (controllers who are responsible for carrying out physical audit of distribution services in individual areas). These employees are supervised by a distribution quality manager. This control system aims to maintain the quality of distribution service and undertakes to carry our unbiased control.

The outcome of any standard control is so-called distribution report. This document contains data on the percentage result of the control carried out by the supplier´s independent control committee and the list of all undelivered items due to unavailability of addressees.

Premium External Joint Control

Joint control is carried out in the field in the presence of involved parties, namely a representative of Cromwell and a representative of your company. The outcome of this control is a protocol sheet – joint control.


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