e-Billing and
e-Archiving Services

PDF Bill

Issuance of PDF statements and their delivery - We offer the service of issuing account statements in PDF format with the same appearance as hardcopies. Bills printed in this format and stored in the corporate archive serve the purpose of communication with clients regarding the information contained in the bill as well as the purposes of controlling and issuing copies of bills.


Issuance of PDF documents and their archiving - Once the PDF documents are issued, these files are stored in the electronic archive operated by our company and available to you at any time. The archive may be accessed through single-layer software limited to a certain number of users (call centres, headquarters, etc.). The archiving period is completely within your discretion.

e-Bill, e-Statement

Issuance of PDF documents, archiving and electronic distribution to customers - Once the PDF documents are issued and stored in the electronic archive, PDF bills and account statements are sent to your customers by e-mail.


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tel.: +421-269 203 211
fax: +421-269 203 212

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