TransPromo is a unique product that combines standard transaction mail item (bank statements, bills...) with marketing mail (promotion of goods and services...) in a single document. This product allows you to use a standard transaction document to promote not only your own goods and services, but also goods and services of other entities. To create this product we deploy advanced printing technologies, which allow full-colour personalisation of the entire document as well as the use dynamic graphic elements.

Thanks to quality data mining, which combines everything we know about customers with all the facts we can find out about them, TransPromo document creates an opportunity to communicate actively with customers as the individuals with specific characteristics. This all is provided together with the significant optimization of costs incurred in the process of creating transaction documents and marketing campaign, as the costs of creating and delivering transaction documents are to a certain degree also used to carry out effective marketing communication. This product moves marketing communication one step higher at One-to-One level and, moreover, enables us to deploy and use more CRM elements.

TransPromo document allows

  • Targeted personalised marketing (One-to-One communication);
  • More detailed segmentation of customer groups;
  • Promoting products of other companies on account statements (sales of advertising space);
  • Full-colour printing in one step, which eliminates the need for lengthy offset preprint;
  • Reduction of personnel needs at the customer as well as acceleration of campaign release and response, so-called Time-to-Market;
  • Environmental aspect – minimization of waste. No need for excessive preprints necessary with offset printing technology


  • Increased number of responses to marketing campaigns;
  • Flexibility;
  • Clear targeting at end customers thanks to personalisation;
  • Time-consuming production of preprints is eliminated;
  • No waste of preprints;
  • Ultimately higher total financial benefit for commercial organizations compared to traditional black reprint;
  • Extra income from the sale of advertising space to the third parties


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tel.: +421-269 203 211
fax: +421-269 203 212


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