We can wrap your mail of both transaction and marketing nature

  • With our 3 wrapping systems offering the possibility of dynamic colour printing – paper wrapping with the production of envelopes;
  • With our 2 wrapping systems using window envelopes


We operate 3 wrapping systems PolyJet, which allow us to process and wrap the documents using so-called PAPER WRAPPING technology with an option to wrap personalised mail items together with additional materials. Printed documents are wrapped in full-colour windowless envelopes, which are produced directly in the wrapping process. The size of the envelope is adjusted to the size of the document. The envelope may contain dynamic data including address (personalised data uploaded from client´s database). An option to use the envelope as advertising and marketing space belongs among the advantages of full-colour printing:

“Print the information about your special offers, services, news, benefits, discounts etc. on your envelopes using amazing graphics. Your envelope will become an eye-catching advertising item in the hands of your customers.”

This technology offers:
  • The possibility to change design of your envelope within 24 hours;
  • Wrapping in creative paper (not excluding an option of standard wrapping in PP/PE film);
  • Wrapping in non-standard “envelopes” (ranging from the size of 7.5 x 10.5 cm to 35 x 45 cm with thickness up to 2 cm);
  • Low price;
  • Smart sorting of wrapped materials by addressees;
  • An option to communicate marketing message while using empty space on the envelope

Wrapping in window envelopes

We operate wrapping system BÖWE SYSTEC Turbo Premium 22, which use standard window or windowless licking envelopes intended for machine processing. System BÖWE Turbo Premium 22 is able to insert 6+4 documents in a single envelope at the speed of 22,000 DL envelopes per hour. Wrapping systems BÖWE Turbo Premium are able to process maximum 4 attachments of A4/DL size. The conveyers for inserting attachments operate on the principle of drum feeders, while the configuration of multipurpose system BÖWE Turbo Premium installed in Cromwell facility includes 4 attachment conveyers.

Manual wrapping on non-standard formats

In case non-standard wrapping is required, we are able to arrange manual wrapping with applied internal security and control mechanisms. We also provide the service of wrapping 3D objects as well as larger items of package formats.


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